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The Essentials of Cardio Vascular Work

The Essentials of Cardio Vascular Work

To accomplish a good cardio-vascular workout all you really need is a good pair of running shoes. Most cardio-vascular exercise needs little or no third party apparatus to help you accomplish your routine. Running, dancing, walking can all be done with no equipment (well, if dancing, then maybe some music would help). Other forms of cardio are circuit training, bike riding, swimming, aerobics and more...

With most exercise you should always remember to warm up first and cool down afterwards. This means gently stretching and moving your muscles to start. Suddenly moving into full exercise without building up your heart rate first will cause problems such as stiffness and cramps. Ease yourself into it. Then after exercise, the cool down is basically gently moving the muscles and joints to stretch and relax, as your body returns to its normal pace.

Here are some simple cardio modalities to get you started..

Running: Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. The technology put into these shoes nowadays is highly researched and designed to reduce shock to the feet, ankles, legs and back. So don't skimp on these - you get what you pay for.

Before you start your run, be sure to warm up first. Start with a brisk walk ensuring you move your arms vigorously gradually breaking into a slow jog. It is better to run at a speed to which you can still converse. If you find yourself losing breath, slow your pace down until you've recovered. If you are a novice runner try running and walking, until you can hold your run for 15 minutes.

Now increase the length and time of your run by a couple of minutes every other time you hit the road or treadmill, until you can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Try to increase your run time by 10% each week, remember not to over do it and don’t forget to warm down at the end of each by slowing down gradually. When your run is complete stretch your legs for 30 seconds per muscle, hamstring, calf and thigh.

Cycling: Cycling is one of the best ways to get a good cardio-vascular workout.

First of all, if you are riding on the roads safety is paramount, always use the appropriate safety equipment when road riding. You can stay fit by riding a bike to work, most people work within a five mile radius of there place of work, which is a perfect distance for a bike ride.

Exercise bikes can be used in a variety of ways, general riding for specified length of time, this is like going for a bike ride with out the dangers of road riding and the weather. Warm up riding you can use an exercise bike for warming up the legs before a leg workout. Also exercise bike classes, these classes are taken by an instructor, who will put you through various levels of pace, quite like a circuit training exercise with a bike.

You may find it surprising to find that riding a bike five miles 3 times per week will improve your heart rate, your posture, skin and weight control. Some even say that riding and running are great ways of relieving stress.

Swimming: One of the best ways to firm up and trim your body down. Due to the resistance the water has on the body swimming involves all the major muscle groups this allows the body to burn up to significantly more calories than other workouts. Swimming a few lengths per day will keep you fit and give you an excellent workout. Swimming also has less impact on the joints than say, running.

If you wish to take your swim a little further try picking up the pace of your swim, you can work up to a great aerobic exercise and give your body an excellent workout.

Start off by swimming 1-2 lengths at a time resting between sets if necessary, after you have swam ten lengths call it a day. The next day repeat the process until you can swim five lengths without a break. Progress to ten lengths by adding an extra length each time you return.


You can even get creative and put together your own routine that's unique and fun. This cardio workout will work for a person of medium fitness, however adjust the times and pace according to your fitness levels.

  1. Run at a light pace for 10 minutes, start off at a walking pace and gradually move to a run, this helps you get warmed up and the blood pumping.
  2. Rowing machine- set the rowing machine for a countdown time of 10 minutes or keep a check on your watch or the clock. Start off with a slow rowing motion to get the pace up, maintain this steady pace throughout the full 10 minutes and use the last minute to pick up the pace.
  3. Move immediately on to exercise bike take a stead paced ride for 10 minutes with a sprint finish for the remaining 2 minutes.
  4. After the exercise bike move directly on to the step climber for a period of 10 minutes climbing on a light level to get the legs going. Try to move at a swift pace for the full 10 minutes as this is the last of the leg work you will be doing.
  5. When you have completed the step climber, move onto the abs bench for some crunches. 3 sets of 15 crunches.
  6. The last exercise in this workout is the leg raise apparatus. Bring your knees up to your chest for 3 sets of 12.

After the completion of this cardio workout, remember to do a full cool down by stretching the muscles. The full workout should take you around 1 hour.

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